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Local Author - John Merullo "Behold All the Dwellers Upon Earth"

Local Author - John Merullo "Behold All the Dwellers Upon Earth" In-Person

Summer Reading for Grownups celebrates Pride Month.  Join us for a conversation with local author John Merullo, author of Behold All Dwellers Upon Earth at the Central Library on June 8th. 

Parking is free on Saturdays at the Central Library Garage.

This is a free event and registration is encouraged. Books will not be sold at this event, but they may be ordered in advance online @ Behold All the Dwellers Upon Earth.  

Check out his website The Brimmerverse Check out these other LGBTQ titles




Saturday, June 8, 2024
11:00am - 12:00pm
Time Zone:
Central Time - US & Canada (change)
1st Floor Events
Central Library, Jesse H. Jones Building
Age Group:
  Adults     All Ages     Seniors     Teens (13-18 yrs)  
  Arts & Culture     Author Talks / Book Clubs     Holidays & Observances  

Registration is required. There are 75 seats available.

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John Merullo is an author and retired librarian, living in Houston, Texas. Behold All the Dwellers Upon Earth is his debut novel, which he started as a project for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in 2018. He has drafted three more novels in the Brimmerverse series.

The Brimmerverse is a book series following the story of the Brimmer family (hence Brimmerverse). 

The first book, Behold All the Dwellers Upon Earth, is a political fantasy centering on the Brimmer family. Nathan Brimmer is from a wealthy, upper-class Boston family. His heritage includes much privilege and something a bit more unusual. He discovers at a young age that he possesses supernatural abilities.

He keeps these powers to himself until he meets Sarah, who has similar, but lesser, abilities. They eventually marry and have four children. The Brimmer children all have these powers at some level, but David and James-William have the greatest of all. They know things. They can understand and do things no one else can. Nathan enters local politics and seems to have a great career ahead of him. David and James-William can see a disaster looming that they know their father can prevent. They guide him onto the national political stage to help correct many injustices in the country and stop the horror they foresee. Religious and LGBTQ themes are also explored, as is the importance of both family of origin and family of choice. 

 You can keep up with him on Facebook @John A. Merullo - Author and Instagram @brimmerverse.


Review from Sarah Flick, author of Desire, Mystery, Belonging:

It is a novel with multiple threads that are braided together to tell a story for our time. This is a story about a family and how it grows over time. I especially enjoy family stories, and this one is beautiful and loving. Most of all, I experienced reading this book as a story of hope. It shares a tale of ultimate hope rather than despair, compassion rather than cruelty, and love rather than hate and fear.